KaMMCO Loyalty Award

In conjunction with the KaMMCO 25th Anniversary in 2014, the KaMMCO Board of Directors wished to acknowledge the commitment of members who have remained loyal over the years by establishing the KaMMCO Loyalty Award.

Recognizing and rewarding loyal members is not only a sound business decision, which encourages continued loyalty and member retention, it also recognizes the contribution KaMMCO members have made to the financial success of their mutual insurance company. 




Beginning with the January 1, 2015 renewals, eligible KaMMCO members will receive $500 for each five-year increment of continuous membership with the company. For example, a KaMMCO member who has been continuously insured with the company for 5 years upon renewal January 1 will receive a loyalty award check for $500. 

See chart below for program payment structure. 

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* In accordance with the program as established by the KaMMCO Board of Directors, an eligible member must be insured by KaMMCO and be an active or affiliate member of the Kansas Medical Society or the Kansas Hospital Association. Individually named insureds must be practicing full-time.