KaMMCO Resource Guide

The KaMMCO website provides Members Only access to resources such as the KaMMCO Loss Prevention Guide, Multimedia Center, sample forms and policies, the KaMMCO CARES: Litigation Support Resource, and the new online learning platform to name a few.
  Cyber Security Insurance
KaMMCO offers a cyber liability product designed to assist with costs incurred by cyber security breaches, regulatory fines and penalties, patient notification, credit monitoring, and more. Basic coverage is automatically provided to KaMMCO members at no expanded cost, and expanded coverage is available for purchase.
  Hospital Insurance Program
KaMMCO, the Kansas Hospital Association (KHA), and Kansas Health Service Corporation (KHSC) have developed a preferred insurance program for Kansas hospitals. The preferred insurance program allows KaMMCO, KHA, and KHSC to work together more closely to provide liability insurance products, risk management, and education services to all KHA and KaMMCO member hospitals.
  Risk Management Education
KaMMCO presents education programs in a number of formats to physicians, administrators, medical office and hospital staff to assist in identifying and addressing risks encountered in today’s medical environment. Members may take advantage of education offerings either in-person, via webinar or through online learning.
  KaMMCO CARES: Litigation Support Resource
The purpose of the KaMMCO CARES: Litigation Support Resource is twofold — to inform as well as support members who have been named in a medical professional liability claim. It is our intent to help members recognize that while they may feel the legal system places their fate largely in the hands of others, they are anything but powerless – or alone. The information provided will help members recognize they have significant influence over the outcome of the case.
  Quality Data Check
Quality Data Check (QDC) is a comprehensive quality and risk management software system which allows hospitals to report, investigate, and trend risk and quality-related events. This product is offered at no cost to KaMMCO’s hospital members.

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